from exile to emergence

There were no locks on the interior doors of my childhood home. Our family of six lived in a tiny two-bedroom house on the edge of Brooklyn in what had been a beach community of bungalows until the soldiers returned from WWII to settle down. The only privacy I had in that house full of … Continue reading from exile to emergence

silence of the lamb

When children share secrets, there's a bit of intrigue mixed with excitement. A bond is formed between those ‘in’ on information meant for no one else. A child feels trusted … special ... chosen. When adults share secrets with children, it often has the same effect, but with the weight of burden. This weight of ‘keeping’ … Continue reading silence of the lamb

the power of the written word

Yesterday I shared the start of my writing stories. Why I write began earlier, just before my seventh birthday when my mom was taken away to the hospital ‘for a rest’ in the hours just before the sun rose. This was not the first time my mom had ‘gone away.’  The scene that played out … Continue reading the power of the written word