“The Holographic Kinetics sessions could not have come at a better time. I was about to make changes in my life and was ready to release many beliefs and patterns that were interfering with my ability to improve my circumstances. I was surprised by what came up during the session since I had worked on these issues in the past and thought they were no longer affecting me.  However, the issues that Spirit identified as priority for me were exactly the things I knew I needed to alter in order for major shifts to occur.

“Many issues that had bothered me for years are no longer affecting me. In fact, I don’t remember what they were.  I just know that since my first session with Donna and Holographic Kinetics I am lighter and cleared of these recurring patterns.

“After only two sessions, my self-confidence and self-esteem have grown in leaps and bounds.  I love and accept myself more than ever.  I feel grounded in my body. Old patterns and issues have cleared the way for new thinking and new feelings.  Happily, I have since moved to a new home and started a new life.

“Many thanks to Donna and Holographic Kinetics. I recommend this to anyone who is ready to shift!” — Jill S., Fairlawn, NJ


“Since my work with Donna, I’ve found myself painlessly observing long held traditions and religious practices, and feel free of beliefs and patterns from my past.

“It’s been easier for me to have discussions with family members about old issues that ran deep. These talks led to a clearing in other relative’s lives as well. Long held family secrets were revealed to younger family members which was freeing for all generations.

“The HK session on my vision has also resulted in a change in looking inward and I am now more gentle with myself. This is a big change. I have chosen to add color to my environment by changing the walls in my home from white to lovely healing colors.

“Thank you Donna for your guidance and support during my sessions.” — Michelle S.,  Belleville, NJ

“Since I’ve worked with Donna, I’ve noticed a change in my mental and emotional stance. I now take responsibility for the negative thoughts and emotions that show up, and although I still wish I could blame others, in the end I know now that I just have to own it if I see it.” — E.S., NY


“After my session, I  felt  a release  of negative thoughts and  noticed changes on many levels. Physically I had a skin rash, that is already about 70 percent better. I feel driven to eating only eating healthy fresh foods. Emotionally, I am not as triggered by relationships that would have likely sent me into a downward spiral. In general I feel more empowered and happy. It was a deep purifying experience that  I am very grateful for. Donna created a safe environment. I felt supported.”   — Kathleen K., NJ


“I notice that things that used to trigger me and cause emotional distress no longer have a reaction in me. Family functions used to be draining and I no longer feel the energy around it the way I used to. Interactions with my clients are much more empowered and I have no problem being clear about what my own personal needs are. What I thought I wanted in a relationship with a partner is changing as I am changing. I do notice a sense of intolerance for people’s behavior at times but I think this is actually a healthy boundary that I am begining to experience. The sense of feeling mentally scattered is diminishing and I feel a sense of control energetically as well. I feel a sense of more of myself while feeling less of myself simultaneously.”  — JS Michel, NJ