just me

A week ago I planned full immersion in writing my story. I was going to ride the energy of National Novel Writing Month, which has been building a pretty powerful morphic field since its founding in 2005. (For more about morphic fields, check out the link below.) I’ve been creating shifts for myself and others … Continue reading just me

from exile to emergence

There were no locks on the interior doors of my childhood home. Our family of six lived in a tiny two-bedroom house on the edge of Brooklyn in what had been a beach community of bungalows until the soldiers returned from WWII to settle down. The only privacy I had in that house full of … Continue reading from exile to emergence

don’t sweat it . . .

While this exercise in blogging feels a lot like navel gazing, when I go deeper into it, there is more … so very much more. My ability and willingness to be vulnerable and authentic makes navel gazing seem more acceptable, even if self serving and boring from outwards appearances. Call it what you will — … Continue reading don’t sweat it . . .


I’ve struggled with writing outside of my personal journal for more years than I care to admit. All the reasons why anything I do would be better and more successful than writing have seeped into every crack and crevice of my life. I’ve gone down several career paths, while being married for more than thirty years, … Continue reading unmasked

something about mary

Sunday afternoons the six of us piled into Dad’s station wagon and drove to Uncle Rick and Aunt Mary’s house. It wasn’t a long drive but everything we had to do before we went there, made is seem so. First, there was church. Dad didn’t go - he was ‘done’ with priests after a falling … Continue reading something about mary

silence of the lamb

When children share secrets, there's a bit of intrigue mixed with excitement. A bond is formed between those ‘in’ on information meant for no one else. A child feels trusted … special ... chosen. When adults share secrets with children, it often has the same effect, but with the weight of burden. This weight of ‘keeping’ … Continue reading silence of the lamb


 November's settled in and temperatures have dropped significantly these past several days. Making the gardening rounds to harvest the last of the herbs and tomatoes for the season, I noticed bright red peeking out from the midst of the yellowing leaves. Reaching into the tomato plant, I plucked what you see in the photo here. Imagine … Continue reading bountiful

the power of the written word

Yesterday I shared the start of my writing stories. Why I write began earlier, just before my seventh birthday when my mom was taken away to the hospital ‘for a rest’ in the hours just before the sun rose. This was not the first time my mom had ‘gone away.’  The scene that played out … Continue reading the power of the written word

marathon (wo)man

Wow. That’s it. Just ‘wow’. See, here’s the thing, and it’s something I’ve come to terms with myself with a long time ago: I am a sprinter, not a marathon runner. Regardless of the arena I find myself in, corporate world or home, I work best with focused intense efforts under short deadlines, rather than … Continue reading marathon (wo)man