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SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): P. G. Wodehouse wrote more than 90 books, as well as numerous plays, musical comedies, and film scripts. When he died at age 93, he was working on another novel. He did not suffer from writer’s block. And yet his process was far from effortless. He rarely churned out perfection on his first attempt. “I have never written a novel,” he testified, “without doing 40,000 words or more and finding they were all wrong and going back and starting again.” The way I see your immediate future, Sagittarius, is that you will be creating your own version of those 40,000 wrong words. And that’s OK. It’s not a problem. You can’t get to the really good stuff without slogging through this practice run. ~ Rob Brezny, Astrologer


Good grief, I hope not! My intention isn’t for this month be spent on creating my own version of ‘wrong words’. I like to think of this exercise more like settling in….

Settling in to being comfortable with being uncomfortable, graciously evolving back to being comfortable.

Settling in to being more in touch with myself, which in this case means I can rub my eye when it itches without concern over smudging eyeliner or mascara. ; )

Settling in to having no attachment to what others think of me or how I am perceived. (Who was it who said, “What other people think of me is none of my business”?)


In a word: Settling in to myself.dreamstime_16167132


And that means I just can’t take all of this (and once again, myself) too seriously. I have to admit that I’m still a bit taken aback when I see my reflection in a mirror, sans makeup, like the other evening in the ladies’ room at the jazz performance. (Fluorescent lights in a ladies’ room? REALLY???) But when I returned to the lobby, I noticed that of the fifteen or so women present, nearly 2/3 of us were makeup-free. Then again, so were all of the men.

As my first outing au naturel, I immediately felt more comfortable. Of course it helped that the place was dimly lit.
And, too, the audience was more on the ‘mature’ side, when appearance isn’t as much of a pressing concern as being comfortable. Truth be told, it’s become more of a challenge to apply eyeliner without a magnifying mirror lately.

Which has brought me to the realization how much of my morning and evening routines revolves around my appearance. It’s not as if I have a dressing table like those in the movies of Hollywood’s Golden Era — 1940s. My routine has become a set up and breakdown of everything necessary to ‘look natural’ for the day’s activities. Calculating just the skin care portion, I’ll have an extra 15 hours this month alone. If I were to completely give up cosmetics, I’d have a total of 180 over the course of a year, which would be more than four 40-hour work weeks.

With a whole month of work-time freed up, I could write a book….

Sharing: What would you do with reclaimed time?

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